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  • 2011 April Meeting: David Kelley on Animations


    User Group/Event: BlendSIG (4)

    Recorded On: 4/15/2011

    Abstract: April 2011 BlendSIG Presentation. David Kelley, Silverlight MVP, presents on using Blend to create Keyframe animations.

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  • Delegates, Lambda's And Expressions (Oh My!)

    User Group/Event: NWA Code Camp (5)

    Recorded On: 10/23/2010

    Abstract: The .Net framework has slowly evolved to allow for different programming paradigms. Over the recent versions, there have been a number of features added to allow for more declarative and functional programming options. In this session, we will explore the concepts of Delegates, Anonymous Delegates, Lambda Expressions, and Expressions and see how using them can add flexibility and functionality in our applications.

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