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  • 2011 April Meeting: David Kelley on Animations


    User Group/Event: BlendSIG (4)

    Recorded On: 4/15/2011

    Abstract: April 2011 BlendSIG Presentation. David Kelley, Silverlight MVP, presents on using Blend to create Keyframe animations.

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  • Unlock YOUR potential, by Applying the New Language of Business - CTRL-ALT-DEL your Career

    User Group/Event: INETA (15)

    Recorded On: 6/18/2009

    Abstract: Your capacity for change and growth will determine your full potential. The global landscape and a new language of business is now a key differentiator and a competitive weapon you can use to advance your career. The individuals who understand the new global requirements for aligning business and technology and think like "T" thinkers increase their opportunities for job advancement and success. The implications of collaborative innovation are many, the most important being its potential to reshape not just individual enterprises, but whole industries, perhaps even entire economies. Hector believes that you need to invest in yourself in good and bad times. What can you do now to get ready to compete in these challenging economic times? What is the new vocabulary that needs to be part of your resume. You need to have compelling reasons on why you are the right candidate. The resume is your infomercial to landing a job or a promotion. This session will help you unlock your inner capabilities to manifest your career and personal desires/aspirations. It will also provide you with tactics and strategies to increase your chances for career advancement by understanding the new language of business and having your resume reflected.

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