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  • 2011 April Meeting: David Kelley on Animations


    User Group/Event: BlendSIG (4)

    Recorded On: 4/15/2011

    Abstract: April 2011 BlendSIG Presentation. David Kelley, Silverlight MVP, presents on using Blend to create Keyframe animations.

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  • VSTS 2010: What’s in it For Me?

    User Group/Event: Tulsa Tech Fest (9)

    Recorded On: 11/6/2009

    Abstract: Visual Studio Team System 2010 is coming – and a lot of new functionality is coming with it. In this session, we will explore new features of VSTS 2010 including an improved installation and configuration experience, architecture explorer and validation, new diagrams, branch visualization, gated check-ins, new testing features, automated builds based on Windows Workflow, new work item features, and much, much more. If you’re looking for an overview of forthcoming features, then this session is for you.

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